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Slow Cooker Sauces
to be used with regular or soy meat!

Culinary Cowgirls

All-Natural, Shelf Stable Products

Slow Cooker Sauces

Slow cooker sauces that are designed for today’s busy households.  These sauces enable you to create a fabulous wholesome meal in one step.  Pour the entire jar into your slow cooker (Your veggies are even included in the sauce!), add your protein: beef, chicken or pork, set the dial according to the label instructions and let the slow cooker do all the rest of the work for you! Start it before leaving for work, school, a Saturday of sports or shopping, or simply a day of fun with friends or family. It’s time to toss out the frozen microwaved dinners and find NEW convenience in this fresh, all-natural alternative that’s homemade, made easy.  Our flavors come in a variety of choices that will appeal to all members of the family.  

Roadhouse Ribs -  Smoky, great spices and hint of citrus.  This sauce is tasty on both beef and pork ribs. The meat will be so tender it will almost melt in your mouth.  Use the leftovers for tacos, pulled pork or beef sandwiches.


Texas Brisket - Tomatoes, onions and a bunch of spices.  Just a good 'ole Texas brisket sauce.  Drive by those fellers at barbecue contests cookin' all day out in the heat and come home to a hot meal homemade by you that tastes way better. How? Follow the instructions and throw in meat (and some chopped taters if you wish) in your crock pot...Go for that Sunday drive, go shopping, feed the chickens, whatever...open your kitchen door to an amazing meal slow cooked by you. Use the leftovers for barbecue sandwiches or serve on on mashed potatoes, and baked potatoes. Mmm Hmm.


Campfire Chicken - Tomatoes, cilantro, onions a bit of lime juice and spices. Slap that chicken and your taste buds with this Tex-Mex sauce.  These scrumptious leftovers make mighty tasty chicken burritos.


Smoky Chipotle w/Lime Chicken - Perfect fusion of smoky chipotle, a bit of heat and citrus.  Leftovers ( if there are any! ) can be made into taco salads, chicken sandwiches.


Barbecue Sauce

Texas Stampede Barbecue Sauce: We pay no mind whether you call it barbecue sauce, bar-b-q sauce or bar-b-que sauce. It all sounds and tastes the same on y'alls tongues anyway.  Well, not really. One taste of this and you'll know why it's better. No nasty high fructose corn syrup or things you can't pronounce. This is homemade, cowgirl style. This is tangy and spicy with the tiniest kick of heat that even your spice wimp friends will be fine with...all flavor, good grillin' and cookin'.


Salad Dressings

Texas Pecan Vinaigrette - Flavorful, yet light dressing with pecans, chipotle and cilantro. You can also use it to marinate chicken and fish.  Our new favorite is a marinated portobello grilled to perfection!


Double C Ranch House Dressing - Everyone loves a good ranch dressing, and this one will make you remember why.  Full of just the right amount of spices and heat.  Kids love to dip
their french fries and pizza in it.


Lone Star Smokehouse Vinaigrette - A wonderfully tangy vinaigrette that can also double as a marinade.



Posole with Roasted Green Chiles -  A rich and flavorful combination of yellow hominy, roasted green chiles, tomatoes and spices.  This hearty soup will warm the soul. All those mushy canned soups with preservatives and tinny tastes have just been laid to rest. Your grilled cheese says "thank you" for this fine new soup-n-sandwich arranged marriage. (Run with scissors and make it a pepperjack grilled cheese, cowgirl style.)

Culinary Cowgirls Pisole Soup                      

Spicy Tomato Basil Soup - Creamy.  DREAMY.  Rich.   A classic tomato basil soup with a bit of cream and southwestern spices. Yeah, we know we said yer grilled cheese would be marryin' the  Posole soup, but in reality our Tomato Basil soup will be it's lover. 'Cause who can choose? We won't judge. It's just soup.




Deli Dips

Chipotle Ranch w/Cilantro - A very unique dip that has become a favorite
of our customers.  A blend of cream cheese and mayo, chipotle , fresh cilantro,
ranch and spices. Y'all don't be stupid and just dip chips in this. That's showin' favoritism. Veggies like it too. It's great as a sandwich spread, pizza slices yearn for a smear of this each bite, baked potatoes break up with traditional toppings after just one look, french fries go Texan, and yer fancy crudites laugh at the mention of ranch dip after this one.

Southwestern Black Bean Dip - Ya know how most bean dips just ain't creamy and they make ya ditch it and switch to queso? Know how ya love a good Southern 7 layer dip at the tailgate party? Party on kids, this one is like nothin' ya ever tasted...Black beans, sour cream, tomatoes and a blend of chiles and spices of the old Southwest turn black bean dip into black gold. We like to get all fancy and layer it with our queso and some chopped lettuce and tomato on top and laugh as everybody asks for the recipe.  Guaranteed to please.

Jalapeno Ranch w/Pesto - A new ranch has hit town!  Adding a bit of pesto has livened up this old staple. Use it as you would that artificial ranch stuff...then grin real big in amazement at the flavor of this cool all-natural heavenly dip on your pizza, taters, chips, and more. Yeah, y'all have been waiting for this one for years...it's arrived.

Queso Blanco - A smooth and creamy queso with white cheese, fresh serrano peppers, tomatoes, onions and spices. Ditch the process cheese, y'all. This one is fresh. Don't just save it for naked chips though, use it in place of everything you used to call cheese...on burgers, chili dogs, taters, sammiches, Frito Pie...oh, stop it, you know you love Frito Pie. Don't act like you are all "Food Network" fancy now.

Deli Soups

Smoky Portobello - Unbelievable good!  Roasted portobellos with a little hickory smoke, cream and spices.


Cream of Jalapeno - This soup is so good you'll be drinking it right out of the bowl. Jalapenos and cream combined with a few pureed vegetables and spices.


Roasted Poblano w/Green Chiles - Combination of roasted poblanos, hatch chiles and spices.  

Salad Dressings

Jalapeno Pesto Ranch - Because everyone loves our jalapeno pesto dip so much, we decided we would make a salad dressing variation.  Glad we did.  It is so good it could be the only dressing you use.


Roasted Poblano w/Pumpkin Seeds - 


Romeo's Pasta Sauces
All y'all Austinites askin' yerselves:  "Is this the same sauce recipes served in that award-winnin' Italian restaurant in Austin called Romeo's?"  Well, heck yes...it is. We held 'em up at gunpoint and got 'em. 
You're welcome.

Authentic Marinara
Don't be silly, you don't have to be from Italy to know how to use Marinara sauce...Don't wait for us to tell ya.  Yer still readin'? Bless yer heart, ain't your momma ever cooked nothin'?  Spaghetti. Let's start there. (And this one is rich and full o' flavor.)



Texas Fire Water Hot Sauce

This was actually rated by the hot sauce pros as the hottest hot sauce. Ever.  Why? One of the reasons is that most other sauces may start out all-natural, but most add preservatives and additives that cool that heat on the hot sauce heat chart. One drop of this will heat an entire big ol' pot of beans. One drop on the end of a toothpic will make you sweat like a mouse in the hen house. If you ain't a Texan, you better be from Mexico if you are eatin' this...you spice wimps will be cryin' like a baby. And did I fail to mention it's wicked good?

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