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Culinary Cowgirls Queso Blanco:
Y'all don't be foolish and keep all the fun for tortilla chips. Now granted we don't want them chips goin' 'round nekkid or anything, but queso means "cheese" in Mexico for a reason...you can throw out every other shred or slice of cheese y'all own and use this atop most anything at all. Well, anything you'd normally put cheese on, that is. (Much as we dig our queso, it doesn't belong on pralines, pecan pie, & such.)

Try these easy dishes to prove to your mama you really can cook better'n she used to...and faster to. So now you can go watch all those re-runs you recorded of the TV show "Dallas", dontchaknow.

Austin-style Frito Pie:

Throw some Fritos in a baking dish and top 'em with your choice of cooked ground beef and ranch style beans or just beans, or beans and soy crumbles, then top with some Culinary Cowgirls Queso Blanco and chopped white onions.  Cook at the 325 til the cheese is all melted to perfection and dig in. Some add salsa, some add tomatoes, some add lettuce, some add sour cream...y'all don't need to get all fancy on us. Let's face it, on a cold Texas day or an evenin' campfire, this is gonna please the whole gang.

No More Sissy Burritos:
Get outta the drive through lane, y'all. You can make yer whole family dinner that's way healthier with nothin' artificial in it for the same amount of time and less money and no drivin'. Keep a few of these on hand and mix and match to each family member's taste buds holler out in glee:

Use a couple of these or all...whatever you wish:

large tortillas (you can freeze up so don't be afraid to stock up for fast meals anytime)
grilled or sauteed veggies such as peppers and onions
chopped tomatoes
chopped lettuce
refried beans
sour cream
ground beef or soy crumbles
bacon or soy bacon
ranch style beans or black beans
pickled jalapenos

Layer your fixins across the tortilla and fold up or get fancy and watch a youtube video on how to roll a burrito and impress your friends.
This is good party food, y'all. Don't hesitate to think you can't use our queso on a fajita party either....Olay!

In Queso Emergency Midnight Quesadillas
So the football party ended and you are left with all them fixins up there from the burrito party binge you had with great success? Fear not. Don't freeze those tortillas just yet, cowboy. 
Heat up a few tablespoons of butter (or olive oil if you are feelin like you gotta load up on those good monounsaturated fats to curb the beer and cake in the shape of a longhorn you just consumed) in a skillet and throw down a tortilla on top of it...throw on some Culinary Cowgirls Queso, then whatever other fixins you wish...prolly a bit more queso on top if you want it to be uber tasty, then top it with your second tortilla like a big ol' galdang tortilla sandwich. After the first side gets all toasty and golden-happy, you can play chef and try to flip the whole thing in one go or cut it in half in the pan and then do it. We won't judge. Cook the second side til it's all golden too then cut it into triangles. You can dip it in sour cream and chives  or sour cream and salsa if nobody is there to tell you you already ate to much longhorn cake and had too much beer and you prolly shouldn't have sour cream too. Unless you are under 21, then quesadillas with sour cream are the least of your worries. But we digress, football fan.

Baked Spuds:
Potatoes ain't good nekkid. Thing is, twice baked potatoes take too frickin long to make, right?  So ladies, put down that cookbook and just pour some queso over your spuds. Okay that sounded a little bit wrong on some level. Anyhoo, forget the cheddar...the fresh roasted chiles and seasonings and creamy goodness of our queso go way better on a tater, no matter what other fixins you add atop with it. Shoot, throw on some broccoli and call it a meal. We have been told that serving a side dish such as this has landed 9 out of 10 cowgirls an engagement ring. We can't vouch for if they ever made it to the alter, but that's a start.

First Snowstorm Chili Night: 
We only get to eat this every 4 years or so in Austin...since that's when we often have to wait for the first snowstorm of the season since usually there is none. So we now just turn up the air conditionin' real cold in July and get cozy and eat chili. Win/Win. 
Also, if you have leftovers and want to get married, serve 'em on a spud with the queso. Just sayin':

Enchilada Pie:

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